The purpose of the Common Goal Lacrosse Club is to provide a fair affordable opportunity for girls to play lacrosse at a competitive level.

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  • How was Common Goal started?
    • Common Goal was started with the idea of offering competitive lacrosse at a reasonable price, attend skill appropriate tournaments, focus on learning the game and demonstrating the highest level of sportsmanship – “Lacrosse without drama”


  • Does the club operate in the summer only or all year?
    • We operate all year long - with built in downtime periods for player rest (mid-August and September) and to avoid impact with the normal school seasons in the spring (March - May)
    • Our full season teams run January - December
    • Our summer only teams run April - early August)
    • Our fall only teams run October - February


  • What is the goal of the club for the growth of the players?
    • Common Goal Lacrosse Club will be fielding competitive teams
    • This club is a travel lacrosse club – not a town team – players have equal opportunity for development, but playing time is at the coach’s discretion based on game situations
    • We intend to provide the best possible opportunities, whether in practice or games, to develop and enhance the skills of each player


  • Will your club conflict with any town/school teams during the spring RALL/school season?
    • We will work to avoid conflicts with town/school teams during the spring as best possible.  Our season starts right at the end of the spring RALL/school seasons so the conflicts should be mininmal.


  • Who will be coaching my daughter?
    • We will have a parent and/or college player coach each team


  • Will any girls play up from their current grade level (graduation year)
    • All girls will play at their age appropriate grade level.  There will be no playing up.


  • At what level are you looking to make cuts
    • No cuts will be made at the 6th grade and below level
    • Cuts will be made at the 7th and above


  • What are the grade levels you support?
    • We currently support teams from 3rd through a combind 9th/10th grade team (2022 through 2015).
    • We intend to support teams up to 11th grade going forward


  • Will you have split grade level teams?
    • We plan to field as many teams as possible – 2 per age group – Depending on the total number of girls that are committed.  Split teams may occur on an as needed basis but we intend to avoid split level teams.


  • How many girls will you have on each team?
    • We plan to have 15 girls per team at the 3-4 level
    • We plan to have 18 to 20 girls per team at all other levels


  • What tournaments and camps will the teams be attending?
    • All teams will attend the base tournaments
    • Out of state tournaments will be decided on a team by team basis – additional fee per player
    • Nike Camp will be decided on a team by team basis – additional fee per player


  • What are the club colors?
    • Our colors are Orange-Silver-White


  • If I owe a balance and wish to mail a check, where do I mail it to?
    • Please send checks to the following address
Common Goal Lacrosse
C/O Dave Nappi
464 Lake Pines Drive
Webster, NY  14580


Please any additional questions that you may have.

Common Goal Lacrosse Board